The Council on Women in Energy & Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) supports the role of women in the energy an environmental industries. CWEEL provides career development for professional women aspiring to leadership roles and mentorship for women pursuing technical education and careers in the energy and environmental fields. CWEEL is a division of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

Rocky Mountain CWEEL

The Rocky Mountain CWEEL group was established as a part of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (RMAEE) in 2023. As a part of the RMAEE chapter, there is a standing CWEEL Activities committee and the CWEEL lead holds an RMAEE board position to further support the mission of CWEEL. The group aims to build a regional network where professionals that identify as women, as well as those who support diversity in the energy and environmental industries, can network and support each other in their career growth. 

Membership is obtained at the international level through your AEE membership, FREE of charge. Adding CWEEL membership to your AEE membership provides full access to international CWEEL offerings as well as Rocky Mountain CWEEL local events and programs. Log into your AEE membership portal and click on “Upgrade your Membership / Add-Ons (Divisions)” and select CWEEL to join today. 

Have questions or want to get more involved in Rocky Mountain CWEEL? Contact the CWEEL lead at

Not in the Rocky Mountain region or interested in CWEEL National program offerings? Find your local CWEEL group and see all the current events and programs at

Not yet an AEE National member? Use the code CWEEL50 for a $100 discount on new AEE memberships. 

CWEEL Activities

Power Half Hours

Power half hours are fun, free, informal lunch hour chats to get to know your fellow RMAEE members. The second Thursday of the month, we get together to discuss a professional development topics ranging from things like tips and tricks for networking to certifications that RMAEE members recommend. The conversation flows freely and typically wanders from the original topic, but that’s our goal. We hope that attendees can have a few more familiar faces when attending in-person RMAEE quarterly meetings and start to build out their local network.  


While these events are hosted by the CWEEL activities committee, everyone is welcome and the topics are applicable to all energy and environmental professionals, We hope to see you at the next Power Half Hour!

Book Club

A fun, low commitment way to engage with your fellow RMAEE members while working towards any reading goals that you might have, The CWEEL Book Club is a virtual, discussion board based book club that you can participate in on your own schedule. Once a quarter a book is selected by participants via a poll and discussion questions are posted to answer as you complete the book at your own pace. Book choices each quarter will include one fun read, one with a focus on energy or the environment, and one personal development. The group will choose what we’re feeling like reading in the quarter and if you’re a quick reader, you can add the other books to your own personal “to be read” pile. 


The CWEEL Book Club utilizes the platform that is free for all participants. We can’t wait to see your contributions to the discussion! 

Upcoming Events

CWEEL events sometimes take the place of the regularly scheduled RMAEE events and other times are in addition to. Check out upcoming events and register today.

Previous Events

Please note that previous event materials are only available to RMAEE members. If you don’t have access, we encourage you to become an RMAEE member to unlock all of the benefits.

CWEEL National Events

In addition to local CWEEL events, the CWEEL national committees and other CWEEL groups host virtual events that all are welcome to participate in.

CWEEL Activities Committee




CWEEL Liaison

Jordan Thompson

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Katie Waugaman

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Alec Holmstrom

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